Weapons – Sniper Rifles

ghosts sniper rifles

Ghosts’ sniper rifles are the best weapons for people who like to dispatch of their opponents from the relative safety of a long distance. Often the hardest weapons to use in Call of Duty, players have found a way of effectively using sniper rifles while running-and-gunning or at close range. Quickscoping, as it has been dubbed, when done by a skilled quickscoper is pretty hard to deal with.

Here is the Call of Duty: Ghosts Sniper Rifles list:

  • USR
  • L1155
  • Lynx
  • VKS

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  • reza

    msr-rsass-barret …

    • josh

      ew why rsass?

      • Chad Eugene Rash

        Becuase he has no skill & needs to spam a OHK gun to feel good about himself.

  • memo

    how about eliminating the sway of a scoped sniper when prone?

  • Giza


  • josh

    both the intervention and m40a3 would be amazing.

  • Will Hughes

    bring back the intervention and please fans now instead of taking a stupid amount of time to do it and kinda awkwardly piss off the community!

  • Nadt Boonmee

    just give me no more quick scope tactic. put some delay for scope in and count quick scope as none scope accurate will be nice.

  • call of duty nerd

    I am hungry to QS with the steady aim perk.

  • wesley b

    ha- mis spell its dragonov not druganov

  • [SFT]Fire Phoenix

    Oh yeah, its all hard on the snipers. why not make the assault rifles or the smgs or lmgs jam when fired continuously?

  • [SFT]Fire Phoenix

    also why not L118A or trying to put in the R700 again? :/

  • Solardo22

    Are you stupid? We want the intervention back. Swear you guys are doing this on purpose.