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The Call of Duty: Ghosts weapons list includes a wide variety of weapons and other equipment that players can utilize to murder their multiplayer opponents. From the LMGs, the big-guns of the battlefield, to the run-and-gunner’s favorite tool, the SMGs, or the quickscopers weapon of choice, the Sniper Rifles, all tastes and play styles will be catered for when it comes to Ghosts’ multiplayer weapons.

When choosing the best weapons to use in Ghosts’ multiplayer it is best to opt for the tools that best suit your play style, the map you are playing on, or the game type your are playing. Therefore, the full list can be found below, separated by category, for you to peruse over at your leisure. Click through for details on the particular guns in each category.

*The list below includes items confirmed from trailers and other official sources in the run-up to release. We will continue to add to the list and alter it to include only multiplayer weapons as and when they are confirmed.

ghosts assault rifles

ghosts smgs

ghosts shotguns

ghosts lmgs

ghosts sniper rifles

ghosts marksman rifles

ghosts handguns

ghosts launchers

ghosts equipment

ghosts attachments

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  • Johnny Ward

    I hope they take a page from black ops 2′s book with create a class

    • mltiplyr

      Couldn’t agree more.

    • me

      that would be awesome

    • duh

      they did watch some videos inform your self…

  • Nathan Washington


  • joao paul aviles

    the aug from black ops 1

    • youstupidpersperson

      Its Called a STEYR aug you dumb cunt, not just an aug, get your guns right dipshit

      • SamLehman617

        They only refer to it as the ‘AUG’ in Black Ops….look shit up before posting.

      • ForceReacon2245

        you know your stuff though the AUG is made by the Austrian weapons manufacturer; Steyr

  • Joseph Castillo


  • reza

    please design all weapons in bo2 and mw3 for ghosts.

  • You are a Bitch


  • You are a Bitch


  • Johnny Ward

    Laser sights PLEASE!!!!!

  • Marcus Clark

    Half the guns that were shown aren’t on here like the pp19, Mk14, Peacekeeper, 2010, you even watch the reveal?

  • Marcus Clark

    MTs255 revolving shot gun and the SA-805

  • Marcus Clark

    Add those to the list they are confirmed

  • Marcus Clark


  • Marcus Clark


  • Freckie

    the 22nd weapon in that picture is K-7
    (korean smg)

  • michael

    to be honest i am very dissapointed with the shotgun list

    • Marcus Clark

      Y you just one of those guys that run shot guns only?

    • mltiplyr

      This list isn’t finished/final.

  • Marcus Clark

    IA-2 one of the marksman rifles

  • ComandanteSavio

    no g36c or fiveseven R$ 110 thrown away y.y

    • ForceReacon2245

      I love the G36c

  • Marcus Clark

    update attachments the only attachments are sights mods and barrels, one of the barrels is like long barrels that increases damage at long range, and the sights is red dot, acog, holo, and 3 other ones i have never seen.

  • Cappers

    Why is there no links to the attachments, launchers, and pistols weapons list? :(

  • Marcus Clark

    Riot shield better not be in this game if so it better be like MW3. The one in MW3 was fare you could shoot through it with FMJ you couldn’t set it down and camp behind it the entire game like a fag. It was legit, but the minute BO2 comes out thats all people run, sit behind it with a LMG head glitching, the riot shield in MW3 took skill.

  • Marcus Clark

    GOOD LUCK ON NEXT YEARS GAME BITCHES! LMGs are back to normal.

  • Akuma84

    Need the RPG to be added :D

  • rajonrondoooooooooooo4life

    uzi and acr frm mw2 the best

  • Kyle Andrews

    NO bouncing Betty ?

  • Mohammad Shebli

    i hope their would be plenty of attachments !

  • Johns Robinson

    Oh i am so excited to play this version of cod!! Which gun you gonna choose? I am going for SMG’s and i gonna stick with! Do you guys know any good sources of cod ghosts guides, strategies?

    Im reading this for now, happy with it as it posts tips, tricks, strategies daily if you are interested heres a link https://www.facebook.com/codghostsmasters


  • Dylan isha Milam

    Yes I’ve purchased the ghost cal of duty game and the edition mode really sucks dick. I love the hyno nife you can make a pet alien on exit on mode by searching for hyno nife and trow it at a alien and the good alien will glow blue.

  • Call of duty ghost


  • Cross fire boy


  • Tevin.b killing it

    C4 is op to riot shield people or people that like to camping

  • Tevin.b killing it

    Next gen is so cool

  • Tevin.b killing it

    Call of duty ghost and battlefield 4