Updates – Patch Notes


Call of Duty: Ghosts title updates will be applied to the game by Infinity Ward as-and-when they are needed in order to fix multiplayer issues, bugs or exploits, improve on existing features, add or remove playlists, or re-balance the weapons, for example. Some of the changes made in an update can drastically alter gameplay – weapons stats changes being the main one. Due to the nature of the changes that are made and the effect they have on gameplay, it’s a good idea for players to keep in the loop with regards to Ghosts updates.

In order to keep up to date on any changes that are made to Ghosts through updates, patches and hotfixes, this page will be updated as soon as patch-notes are available for each and every Call of Duty: Ghosts update.

Call of Duty: Ghosts Title Updates – Patch Notes:

Xbox 360

Xbox One

PlayStation 3

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  • Davy

    There is no cod game like COD2/COD4, pay a little more attention to windows games and release patches/mods, if you want to be worldwide news in the esports on PC.

    ill quote from PC Proffesional Cod players. “a new CoD game, a game made out of the CoD4 gameplay (movement,
    etc…) and CoD2 weapons. Unlike CoD:WaW which had pretty bad movement
    and huge random maps. What we want is to make a PDF file with all the
    lans that have been held in the past years. Giving Infinity Ward &
    Activision an idea that there is still a competitive PC community out
    there. The newer CoD version’s haven’t really been competitive ready for
    the PC community. PC gamers are more up in these games then the newer games”

  • markus

    damn ram limitation for pc.

  • Flyerwing

    Fail, cuz accidents like this, activision loose much reputation. But otherwise some people go buyin battlefield and we get 2 good shooter publisher. :P
    As long as they fix it and dont await extra-payment we can forgive, mistakes like this one and are still impressed from their creation, right?!?

    • Nadt Boonmee

      go buy battlefield ? are you kidding me ? that game also so suffering the same bugs. stuttering to the point of unplayable and crash even play with high end rig.

      COD or BF this day focusing to sell on console and left pc gamers as a fool for buy their product.

  • Brennan Arnold

    Campain mission severed ties on xbox 360 I can’t finish it at the very end right before you are supposed to go into space the bases doesn’t blow up even though they day it’s down and now black smoke the tanks just stop at the bottom of the hill all I can do is move machine gun aim and shoot plz fix

  • Nate Paul

    I am waiting for patch notes specifically targetted at gun changes and balances. Been noticing changes in how each gun I mainly use handles differently every couple days. As a game where professional and amateurs alike enjoy the game, not only should we be aware of these changes but in game description of damage, range and accuracy should match actual weapon performance. I would appreciate better transparacy on this issue.

  • SSaksa

    IW!! You need to fix Operations tab which isnt working (XO360) at all for some players, same problem with pc and ps3.

    Also, add HC SnD

  • carl

    operations tab isn’t working on Xbox 360 takes me back to multiplayer main menu

  • Quinn Babin

    Seriously??? The update I am on is 180-185 megabytes in size…. Why is it taking so long to load!?! I mean, other games I have played take the same amount of megabytes, but this is the SLOWEST WAIT TIME I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED!!! (I am sorry, but it is true…) I mean, seriously, black ops II has had tons of updates, but NONE of them were as slow as a snail, like this update is… I am not even CLOSE to 99%. Note for programmers of this game:
    Try to make the next updates less drawn out, so I can get to playing the game… Thanks!

  • Quinn Babin

    Oh, and last note: it’s finally at 99%!!!

  • Ichimaru, Gin

    does it bug anyone else that they take a week or 2 after a patch to post the notes? even then they dont seem to add them all

    • Brian Blair

      This is because most people today are brainwashed! They wait awhile to see if many posts are made about the problems or new problems before they add the notes, They do this now because they can almost tell people there is no issues and have everyone believe them even though they do have issues. This is because people now worship power and greed because most people have lost independent thought and morals.

  • Griffin Coe

    3/28/14 PC patch notes plz.

  • Brian Blair

    Is it just me or does COD Ghosts look better maxed out before adding any patches? The latest patch only stops the pausing in cut scenes while causing stutter to cut scenes, So the trade off is not worth it.