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COD Ghosts_Arctic Lumber

Call of Duty: Ghosts’ multiplayer maps will take you to a variety of different locations and environments set all around the world – as we have come to expect from CoD games. However, for the first time in Infinity Ward’s Call of Duty history – in part due to the next-gen hardware, and in part to IW’s new game engine – Ghosts’ multiplayer maps with include a dynamic and interactive elements.

Ghosts’ maps will bring set piece and user-initiated events that “fundamentally alter the flow and strategy of every fight.”

In the run-up to the November 5th release date we will compile a list of the game’s multiplayer maps on this page until we have a complete list that will ship with the game. Following on from that, we will add all of the new maps offered via the four DLC map packs throughout 2014.

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  • rajonrondoooooooooooo4life

    Bring scarpyard n highrise n wasteland back

    • Cappers

      scrapyard and highrise I agree with but I hated wasteland though
      just my opinion but I would like to see some returns personally

  • bradley

    grate game

  • Nathan Chappell

    You still haven’t added Chasm, revealed at Gamescom

  • Ashley Dale

    these maps are the worst I’ve ever seen, bring back all the original maps from modern warfare 1.

  • Vrockit

    All cod maps…

  • ememil

    where is warhawk?