Killstreaks List

The Call of Duty: Ghosts Killstreaks list includes over 20 all-new options for players to choose from, and many more in total! As was the case in Infinity Ward’s previous game, Modern Warfare 3, Strike Packages are returning in Ghosts, separating all of the Killstreaks into three different sections; Assault, Support and Specialist, with players able to choose a number of Killstreaks from one package for each of their ten soldiers in the Create a Soldier section.

Here is the Ghosts Killstreaks list:

Assault Strike Package

  • SAT COM (3 kills) – ground-based UAV
  • I.M.S (5 kills) – Intelligent Munition Systems deploys one of 4 explosive charges when an enemy is within range
  • Guard Dog (5 kills) – escorts the player around the map, searching for and killing enemies
  • Sentry Gun (7 kills) – automatic turret detects and fires upon enemies
  • Trinity Rocket – (7 kills)player guided rocket
  • Battle Hind (9 kills) – chopper circles the map and automatically fires upon enemies
  • Vulture (9 kills) – small AI drone that engages enemies at low-level
  • Gryphon – (10 kills) pilot a airborne mini-drone with a gun attached
  • Maniac (10 kills) – receive a armored Juggernaut suit, throwing knives and a melee knife
  • Juggernaut – (11 kills) receive a armored Juggernaut suit and a high-powered mini-gun
  • Helo Pilot – (12 kills) pilot a Attack Chopper
  • Loki (15 kills) – control a Loki Satellite. Launch Care Packages, AI controlled Juggernaut, Small Rod or large rod

Support Strike Package

  • SAT COM (4 kills) – ground-based UAV
  • Ammo Crate (6 kills) – drop aa create to supply you and teammates with weapons and ammo
  • Ballistic Vest (8 kill) – provides increased health and explosive resistance. Can also be used by team mates
  • MAAWS - (9 kills) – fires 2 missiles that the player can direct
  • Night Owl (10 kills) – an AI-controlled air vehicle that follows the player and detects enemies, provides explosive protection
  • Support Squadmate (11 kills) – AI-controlled team mate that uses a riot shield
  • Ground Jammer (12 kills) – ground-based device that disables enemy ground communications and electronics
  • Air Superiority (12 kills) – fighter jets destroy enemy aircraft
  • Heli Sniper (13 kills) – snipe from within a chopper that circles the map
  • Oracle (14 kills) – outlines enemies on screen through all surfaces
  • Juggernaut Recon (14 kills) – receive an armored Juggernaut suit, .44 Magnum and personal UAV/radar
  • ODIN (16 kills) – control the ODIN satellite, launch Care Packages, AI controlled Juggernaut, smoke or flash/mark

Specialist Strike Package

The Specialist Strike Package awards players an extra Perk for successive kills. Perks reset on death.

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  • ian

    great a newb tube helicopter that will get old real fast

    • Wes B

      dude I agree, add another way for kids to newb toob us, what has cod come 2?

  • Mateo Blanco

    MOAB is going to be an assault streak just like the nuke? why?? mw3 moab was just perfect :(

    • Best Name Ever

      The K.E.M Strike is going to be obtained by doing the field orders. Expect a lot of them on high streaks O. o

      • Mental Chaos

        There’s also said that you have to complete field orders before you can receive the K.E.M and there’s a chance it’s either map specified or game mode specified

        • Nathan Chappell

          Yeah, a dynamic map element of Strikezone, completing a field order on any other map is just for a care package

    • call of duty nerd

      U are talking like that u were using M.O.A.B at every match.L0L

  • Marcus Clark

    the kem is only in the map strike out. It might be a kill steak of its own but for now its only seen in strike out after you complete the field orders.

  • Marcus Clark

    the juggernaut maniac is the one with the knife only and the dragon fire dose not have a machine gun it has a grenade launcher instead, and the sat come you need 4 for an advance. 1 sat come is like the perk marksman, 2 is a regular UAV, 3 speeds up the swipe of the UAV.

    • scott

      theres two types of dragonfires dual and quad

      • Marcus Clark

        the second one is the vulture it is the dual rotter one, that has the machine gun.

  • Marcus Clark

    The night owl is like a moving motion sensor, it follows you and pulses

  • Marcus Clark

    Are you going to separate these up into Assault and support.

    • Mohammed Khalifa

      Assault Support And Speciallist

  • Cappers

    I liked specialist in mw3, I wonder what it is like in Ghosts.

  • Marcus Clark

    specialist is just perks anyway

  • Cappers

    Isn’t Jugg maniac a killstreak with the knife not a minigun?

    • Marcus Clark

      That what I been saying and the vulture is the minigun roter and quad is the grenade one they need to update this

  • honar ali

    we want pictures of killstreaks and full details of them

  • Wes B

    theres is no oden strike which has been revaealed

  • Wrasslinoob

    I hate this new score streak garbage and the juggernaut suits! They’re so fucking lame! Can’t we drive a damn tank around blowing up shit, or zig zaggin on the map with an Apache shooting chumps from above?

    • Chad Eugene Rash

      We want Call of Duty to reqiure skill. Not being a garbage player & being rewarded for it.

      • Wrasslinoob

        So you have a juggernaut suit to reward people for that? Lame. And my problem is not with the actual rewards itself, it’s with how the scoring system is set up?

  • Jocky Rhonson

    NEED to know what Oracle is. Maybe…

  • Daquarn

    So you’re telling me there’s no regular Care Package killstreak? I’m still looking forward to the game and I’ll still play it, but fucking hell this is one of the reasons why I prefer Treyarch.