Ghosts’ Perks System Explained


Every year, with every Call of Duty game, the developer switches things up in one way or another, and the same can be said with Ghosts’ Perks system. Here’s a run down of how the perks system works on Call of Duty: Ghosts:

There are 35 Perks in Ghosts, each with a value from 1-5 points. You can spend a maximum of 10 points on Perks per-loadout, up to a total of 12 depending on how you set your stuff up. However, one point is tied to the primary weapon slot, secondary weapon slot, lethal and tactical. Take away any one of these items for an additional Perk point, allowing a maximum of 12 points to spend. If you’re a Perk fanatic, you’re welcome to forego all weapons and equipment, starting each spawn with only a knife in hand and 12 points worth of Perks. It’s your choice, according to a blog post on

The Perks are unlocked in one of two ways. Each Perk is marked with a level and a Squad Point cost. Once you reach the listed level, the Perk is automatically unlocked for use. If you’d rather unlock a Perk early, you can also choose to spend the listed amount of Squad Points for immediate access. Can’t wait to unlock Blast Shield for your Domination matches? Pay the listed Squad Points ahead of time and it’s yours to use.

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